A few things to be considered…


Paving, edging, walling, fencing,

Trellis, railings, screening, hedging,

Pathways, gateways, steps and banking

Terraces, decking and rustic planking


Flemish bond, herringbone, basketweave brickwork

Pebble mosaic or tile on edge insert

Dry stone walling or hand dressed stonework

Mass produced metal or intricate ironwork


Pillars for pergolas, rope swags and rose arches

Finials for obelisks, tripods and plant supports,

Sundials and sculpture, a focal point eyecatcher

Pots, urns, troughs, barrels and versailles planters


Benches for seating and tables for eating

Barbeques, braziers and fire pits for heating

Tree seats, swings, hammocks and arbours for meeting

Wirework gazebos for drinking the night in


Summerhouses, wendy houses, dog houses, glasshouses

Potting sheds, willow houses, dovecotes and hen houses

Tool stores and wood stores, bin stores and pool houses

Pavilions and follies, shell grottoes and tree houses


Swimming pools, bird baths, shutes, spouts and lily ponds

Rills, cascades, fountains, dark pools of contemplation

Knots, parterres, mazes, raised hedges and labyrinths

Topiary chickens, spheres, cones and pyramids


Balustrades, hand rails and under step lighting

Spot lights downlighting or uplighting features

Borrowing landscapes, the framing of vistas

Of spiral mounds, church spires, cows, sheep and ha has…